This section seeks to address the questions that are always asked when calvinism is discussed, I hope that the answers are both honest and helpful.

Q. Why did God create people who he predestined to hell, how can this be fair and just?

A. People go to hell because of sin, it is fair that all people go to hell and we must thank God that he is not fair, instead he is merciful to his people.

Q. If God wills everything that happens, including people being sinful, how can man be responsible for his action and be punished accordingly?

A. Man acts according to his nature when he sins, God does not do violence to mans will, man does what he wills but that will is in bondage to sin. As man is acting according to his free will he is responsible for his actions.

Q. But how can one mans sin (Adam) render others guilty who where not even living when the sin took place (i.e. original sin)?

A. While this is hard to understand that is just the way it is, and remember just as all sinned in Adam so all the elect are saved in the blood of Christ.

Q How can it be said that Adam not have violence done against his will when it was God's will that Adam should fall but Adam's will was not in bondage to sin?

A. This is a very good question, if you know the answer then please let me know.

Q. If God could save all but chooses to only save some is this not unjust? to torture souls for eternity just to glorify yourself?

A. God is just and we must trust to his justice and love, all will become clear when sin passes away.

Q. Did Pope Leo X have naked boys jump out of cakes?

A. The historical records recording this event are obscure in the extreme, but I would not put it past him.

Q. Did you appear on BBC1's "The Big Questions" on 19th April 2015?

A. Yes and I am still kicking myself for what I should have said and what I said that I would now say differently.

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